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Cleen Bidet

The Bidet

The Bidet

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  • Sleek and discreet collapsible body for ease of travel
  • 5-spout nozzle allows for precision aiming and controlled water pressure
  • Holds up to 10 oz of water when filled
  • Wash me daily for optimal care
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Must have!

I got tired of taking water bottles to the restroom at work. The sound of the water bottle crushing while using it in the restroom at work was too embarrassing. This bidet solves that, it make little to no noise and looks inconspicous when taking it to the restroom at work/school. Life saver!

Mesha Masood
Best one I have used!!

I’m at school 9 hours of the day and this bidet saved me!!! I had ordered a bidet from Amazon before but it was annoying, came in a bag and you almost had to assemble the entire thing whereas with this one you just remove the top and you’re done. Love how the spout has 5 holes as well because it works much better. Also I can hang it on my bag without it looking like a bidet with the cool design lol so that’s a +1!!⭐️

Raveeha B

This is so so convenient especially for overseas muslims. I am so glad i got this product. I will be using it daily!!