• A CLEENER Experience

    Water is essential to remove impurities from your body. Our bidet provides an efficient stream to help clean off residue- leaving you feeling comfortable and confident when you need to GO out in public settings.

  • Health Pros

    Bidets are used in countries ALL around the world. Why? It's gentler on your skin. This reduces the risk for itching, infections, and hemorrhoids.

    Who wouldn't want that?

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The average family goes through 336 rolls of toilet paper a year! Our bidet is designed to lessen the need for TP, helping save more trees and decrease waste from intense production methods.

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CLEEN was founded by a couple who recognized the need for a convenient+hygienic way to wash off after using public restrooms. Let's face it- toilet paper just doesn't do the job like water has been proven to. After months of research and design, we created our portable bidet that offers a ridiculously CLEEN result while maintaining a subtle and sleek aesthetic for carrying. We're committed to bringing you the best quality and truly hope to improve your experience- where ever you need to go.